Resilience over Strength: so let the Games begin!

“Notice that the stiffest tree is the most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” Bruce Lee

The Regionals are ON! In these days of Crossfit greatness, the athletes are giving their best. All the efforts they made during this year is showing off these days, and people around the world are placing their bets in whom is going to win their way to the games. Crossfit is a passion and a inspiration for me. We all remember last year’s Crossfit Games super-hero Julie Foucher, overcoming herself, when everyone thought she wouldn’t compete after an injury.

The Regionals are here to stay for a couple of weeks as magic happens. All eyes on California, where Lauren Fisher, the girl with a lovely smile and eyes, wins the event showing that hard silent work really pays off. My boyfriend (the proud owner of her authograph) loves this girl, and I swear his eyes sparkled as she wins the event. Know what? I’m not even mad, it’s amazing!

Lauren’s authograph is on the first page of The Invictus Mindset book, that aproaches a particular mindset for those who compete. I find it useful in general life, and I honestly think it was Lauren’s mindset and mental strenght that allowed her to work day after day, give a little bit more of her best everyday, and overcome herself to become the astonishing athlete she is now! I’m looking forward to see her at the Games!

What about Dan Bailey? That final event was so awesome: thrusters and legless rope climbs. A quick wod, where every second counted to determine who has their place at the Games. I was shocked: Dan Bailey is not competing this year! How can it be possible?! Dan Bailey’s post on facebook after this weekend is awesome! To keep your head high in a bad moment is not for everyone.

A challenge is made for everyone, though not everyone can make it. Most of us recognise strength in this statement, but strength alone is not the only path to overcome a challenge. It’s easy to stay strong through sunny days, but when the storm arrives at our lives, we must perceive our weaknesses and strenghts so that we are able to play them in our favor.

Mental toughness is all about our abilitie to recognise that our weaknesses are part of the process of victory. I don’t mean everyone is able to win the Crossfit Games! We are not Fronings and ‘Dottirs: most of us have a hardworking life, so we can’t dedicate ourselves to physical challenges like they do. We are everyday people making decisions everyday about our goals and dreams. These goals and dreams are based on our experiences and on what we value in life. You may want to be the chess champion of your country, or you may ‘only’ wish to make a muscle-up by the end of 2016. Your quest determines your path, but your will, and your will only, will determine your success!

A friend of mine used to tell me, she lived the day dreaming about how life would be when his dream is fulfilled. I thought it was a stupid thing to do, but the truth is I began to find it fun to imagine myself, with the life I hoped for me years from then. I imagined how I felt, and how I related to the people around me. You know what happened? I felt joy dreaming about my ‘perfect life’, and my will to make it happen made me join efforts into fulffill my dream. And when I found life a difficult place to cope with my hopes and dreams, I kept my dreams in my mind, and eventually found a way to deal with it.

Back to the Regionals… Have you placed your bets for the weekend?




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