Planning a trip (for newbies)

So we decided to go on an adventure. We took the world in our hands, and started to dream. Our wildest dreams took us to… Australia. Peru. Indonesia. Italy. Africa.

Oh well… We knew we only had 20 days, and that we would spend it in a road trip. In the end, Malaysia was our choice. The Philippines came out as a bonus!

A lot of questions bumped into our heads, as the excitement of the unknown took place. Where to go? What to do? What can’t we miss? Planing a trip is not easy, but it is definitely fun. It takes time, but fulfills our heart and mind.

Let me give you the ABC’s, so you can guide your self into your dream:

A – Make sure you go for your dream destination when the weather suits your purpose.

B – Do you need to arrange a visa or take any vaccines? Is it a safe place to travel on your own? A google search will help you on your demand for information. A lot of bloggers from different countries talk about their experiences around the world, as you go into the wilderness of the web, and you can find forums where people share theirs opinions and experiences.

C – Find out what you want to see! Google it, buy a guide, talk to people that made that kind of trip… I have searched hashtags of interest on Instagram, and googled all possible info while my boyfriend… oh well. He was only planning his trainings (hope he never, ever reads this!)

D – So we picked a map: a real printed one my boyfriend offered me, ’cause I’m really into maps (and he is really into me), and started our sketches. The ‘x’ marked our dream destinations, but the truth is we needed to find out how to connect the dots, in a way we could know more of the country, without wasting a lot of time. So, as time we enjoy wasting is not wasted, we studied the railway, the roads, the airport connections, the places to stay, and made our planning.

E – Know what you stand for! A friend of mine told us we didn’t need to make any reservations, but we are not that kind of bold backpackers! It is really easy to go with the flow, if you really don’t care where you sleep or don’t value a real nice bed on the end of the day. A nice bed, paradise views and fluffy pillows: oh yeah, we will absolutely love that! So, we took our time. We planned how many time we wanted to stay in each place, searched for connections for one place to another and a proper place to stay. It takes time!

F- from Final tip. The last but not the least important one! Find out how long you need to do the things you wanna do in each place. That’s the best way to plan how long you are staying! It is also important to study the schedule of transportations, to make the most of each day.

We ambition to go to 9 different places, with more than 100 miles between one another, in 16 days! If we don’t plan that, it just won’t happen. We easily get lost in translation in places you don’t know.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So let’s keep on planning… 


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