Jump out of that confort zone: now!

Every single one of us is one of a kind. There is not a button that can define us all. Some find confort at the sea, others at the mountains. Some of us love sports that keep adrenaline over the edge, others enjoy the wilderness of yoga and meditation. And that’s okay. We should absolutely do more of what we love every single day!

But (there is always this but, pain in the ass kind of, thing), is doing the same old things over and over keeping you satisfied?! Well, I don’t know about you… But I need the adrenaline rush to spice life up: I love to do things I have never done, experience different sports, talk to people from all over the world. As if life was an unique overwhelming experience we can repeat only once! Well… It is actually, isn’t it?!

The thing is, you will never know if you like fishing, if you always go for a run, every single day. And I bet fishing gives you a lot more than food at the end of the day. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many people with that crazy passion. If you never tried a yoga class, you can’t actually call it boring: can you?

Our time is limited, and let’s face it: as grown adults, we can do what we want. Why won’t you try something new?!

This year, I decided to challenge my confort zone and test my own limits. New places in different ways. It’s time to embrace the unexpected and see where it goes. Will you come along?!


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